Having Believe in God

And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.” Spoken by the Father within the Word of God – Gospel of the Kingdom

To have a believe in God we must keep the commandments of God. The Ten Commandments that are taught unto us in the school devotions, in the churches and even at home.

But the truth be told is that many while growing up see having God to belongs unto Old People. Many youths doesn’t see the importance of having God within their living. Many youths when they becomes a young man spend their time speaking blasphemies about God because they were never taught the way of God or that when they were taught they rejected it.

When I looked back at my past living and see how God enable me to attend Secondary School without a father’s help. I am thankful very thankful for the teachers who understand the Will of God. When I see how I attend College not once but twice without parental support and the mercy that was given unto me when sickness came to took away my soul and mind. I am thankful that those days during the time of nights, I was given the opportunity to keep devotions and to have teachers who said “Believe in God”.

Believe in God let me to stand on the TRUTH of what I know at the time of me. I was not being loved the same way I loved others. But the Commandments says “Love thy neighbour as thyself” and seeing myself in others enable me to hold unto God.

Many of my past Secondary School mates who rejected Devotions today came wanting to teach me who is God. But when I pointed out the Commandments and the knowledge that Jesus is a SPIRIT and not a MAN they opened their mouths speaking what I already know. They are saying “Jesus” and “I am a Christian” because it open doors for them. It doesn’t give the Believe that show God is with them.

Every child must be taught the Ten Commandments of God. It is the beginning of building a Believe in God. Yes it make you to be alone, living a solitary living but it is good at the End. Yes at the End when you see the importance of this Believe you live the Believe in the ONLY Begotten Son Jesus Christ.

Believe in God having it didn’t make me to fulfilled the wishes of my enemies. Believe in God give unto me a WILL that says I want to do your ways. I want to know the TRUTH of my living. And indeed today because of Believe in God I have receive the same.

God is a Spirit and showing your LOVE for Him is doing His Commandments. No man can say “I love God” and cannot prove it according to God. Any man that says “I love God” and “I believe in God” doesn’t speak with HATRED, COVETOUSNESS and LIES.

The Schools are no longer with the teaching of God. The homes are no longer having the teaching of the True Righteousness. The churches lack the ability and the sincerity to stand up and Preach TRUTH.

And because of these things in the THREE MAIN living of a man, today even the way to pray is lacking. The loving kindness and the giving of Judgment the delight of the Lord, is sweep under the carpet.

Believe in God is there to help a child to honour his/her parents. Believe in God help a Youth to be obedient. Believe in God help a Young Man to understand “I have a God to turn unto” when the Seas becomes boisterous, and the pain within becomes unbearable.

Without Believe in God you cannot have a LIFE that says “I am wrought in God”. May our children live to have a Believe in God. May our Youths look towards using Believe in God. May our young man stand steadfast in Believe in God.

The Commandments, the teaching of Righteousness and Love which belongs unto LIGHT is what allow one to truly OVERCOME.

No man can change the World. But with Believe in God you help another to change his/her choice. It is sad to see how today in Jamaica there are more smoking of Ganja and Tobacco as well as the Reggae and Dancehall Music, than the teaching of the Believe in God.

May the Mercies of God be with our Children, our Youths and our Young Men.

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Seek Repentance and Remission of Sins in the Name of Christ. Hugs

A testimony written by Prophetess Kerriann Surrina Campbell


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