The Importance of Reading

I love to read and I believe it started at the tender age of eight.

When the preacher spoke that night about God’s son dying on the cross. I went reading the children’s bible which was in the house.

Then I started to take my reading higher. I started doing bible correspondence courses. It instilled the joy of reading in me.

Becoming a member of the public library let me started reading other books which were based off love and true stories.

But reading comes with responsibility and looking back I can see why I was hated.

Reading was very important unto me. It was something I could not lose and even in my then captivity I never lose it.

The hatred and lies grow more over the years and when I came being with the Only Begotten Son I saw and lived why it is important for one to know how to read.

Reading gives the Spirit of the Lord. Leaning on the understanding of the Lord open the eyes and give the ears the truth of the individual.

It is a Glory which shines. Reading is a joy unto me and I am very thankful unto God that I never hate it when it was given unto me to do.

I remember how persons will say unto me ‘Kerry that is not what you read’ and upon showing it violence becomes their answer.

Now with Christ the Lord Jesus Christ I understand that they offend at the Truth.

Read, read and read. Let wisdom to becomes you.

Worship God. Hugs

A testimony written by Prophetess Kerriann Surrina Campbell


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