The lessons of money

“A faithful witness will not lie, but a false witness will utter lies.” – word of Solomon within God – Gospel of the Kingdom

For the past six years I have live to see the importance of money. Moreover these four months even brought home unto me the truth of having money.

Money was never a must have for me. Being employed was a must have. It was what gave me the joy then to help others.

To hear my then mother to say unto me ‘Kerriann how do you know I was broke?’ when I gave unto her at the moment of her need.

To hear my then father to say “I love the turkey. Look in the fridge and see turkey you send to me”. He is a lover of turkey meat.

To hear the children I gave lunch money unto. To hear the Elders who I will give unto for the purchasing of what they need to say unto me “Kerry thank you”.

Let me to always say “Thank you God”.

I was never one who place money before me. But now looking back I realize that if I never had money then I could not do what gave smiles unto others.

Since Sept 2010 I have no salary. Yes the Lord our God Jesus Christ see to it my bills are paid. But the money is not there for me.

The things I was enjoying being there for others I have not being able to do. I lack money and in truth money is the essential unto the living.

I have also learned that many persons who were around you at the time when you were able to give unto them, are the same persons who disown you when you have none to give.

The way I used to have money was to be employed or gamble Cash Pot both things the Lord have taken me from.

This Ministry have not given unto me Money. I am not a woman of God and because of it I am not entitled to do their ways of having money.

I don’t have friends in the mammon world of unrighteousness because I am faithful.

These four months truly shown unto me the importance of money but above all the reason why Faithfulness is a must have.

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Seek Repentance and Remission in the Name of Christ. Hugs

A testimony by Prophetess Kerriann Surrina Campbell


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