Truth versus Lies

You know Peter is truly a liar. How can the devil be as a roaring lion and how can one resist the devil using Faith?

The teaching that comes to us as God in the book of Hab 2 let us to know that Faith belong to Hell. That it is used by the Proud and they gather all kinds of people unto them. That their house is not well kept.

Now the teaching of Jesus Christ tell us that the devil is a liar and a murderer who speak of his own having no truth in him.

So if faith belongs to hell and the devil is hell itself how can faith used to resist the devil? All you shall do is used Faith to show unto others the Devil you belongs to.

If you don’t believe in the Name of the Only Begotten Son of God which comes as Jesus Christ in the Book of Revelation you cannot be taken from Evil.

The Word of Jesus spoken by the Son of man is Spirit and Life. And His words are Truth and only Him can give God who is a Spirit and is Truth.

Only Him can give the Father who is indeed Father to His Righteous People.

How can you say you believe in God but shun the teaching of True Righteousness?

Without Jesus Christ you cannot have true Righteousness. There is a time in your Believe in God you must let the Lord show that indeed you live this believe.

Jesus Christ in the word of Jesus says “Let not your heart be trouble, ye believe in God believe also in me”.

The Light continues to be separate from the darkness through Jesus Christ.

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Seek Repentance and Remission of Sins in the Name of Christ. Hugs

A testimony written by Prophetess Kerriann Surrina Campbell


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