Love – It is Good

‘Love thy neighbor as thyself. Shewing mercies unto the thousands who love me and keep my commandments. Love ye one another as I loved you’ – Father and Son – Gospel of the Kingdom.

I grew up knowing I had a Father, Mother and two sisters. I was the second child but I  never know that the father disown me as his own.

I remember at a family discussion I was told how the father was who prayed for either an April woman or an April child. I was given birth in April. So I  took this being truth and love.

I never knew the father doesn’t believe in God and so don’t pray for such. Then I realized that I am often beaten and called all kinds of hatred words thrown unto me by the father.

Then the big sister told me that I am not her sister and the father encourage her to fight me.

But being one who attend church and keeping devotion at Secondary school I show Love.

As a young man I fall and came back here. I was told I cannot stay here. So I have no way to go I totally gave myself to the believe in the Gospel of the Kingdom and show my love for Jesus Christ.

Then the father who became a man unto me, told me that I was Jacket and this is why he never supported me. I said ‘Why did you always coming to my house for my money and things. You are lying on Mama. ‘

Since July 2013 this man tried on numerous occasions to kill me. But indeed just as how I lived the mercies of God where I  never died under his bondage and oppression.

I lived to see and have the Love of Jesus Christ. The Lord fought for me and even though I am not living at a place where I am happy.

I give God thanks that I lived to know that the Love that I show unto others was what make me to have God who is a Spirit, who is Truth and who is Good.

I grew up being deceived and rejected by the parents and the sisters but at no time I allowed Love to left me.

When I came to my end I called on God where the Father drawing me to His Son and now I am living as well as showing His Love unto others.

No matter what you lived in your parents/guardian house just remember that in the end it is you going to show if indeed you love yourself and God.

Then you shall receive the Resurrection of life belonging unto the Good.

I lived the man hatred for me just because I believe in God. Then now standing in believe in Jesus Christ let him to give Greater hatred.

But the Lord is indeed a Great God and I am joyful that I have Him as my own Father. His names are Christ and Jesus Christ who was send.

Yes this month is six yrs hearing the voice of the Son of God where I face my Judgment with the Son of man. I have no regrets obeying.

Love makes the difference in my living and life.

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Seek Repentance and Remission of Sins in the Name of Christ. Hugs

A testimony written by Prophetess Kerriann Surrina Campbell


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