Living with Truth

Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’ spoken by the Son of man in the Word of Jesus – Gospel of the Kingdom 

In the world we are living within many persons told us that they are speaking truth unto us. 

The preachers on the pulpit, our parents, our teachers, mentors, husbands,  wives etc always declaring that they are speaking truth. 

But Truth is a Spirit and it must be REVEAL unto us. To have and live Truth we must have the believe of the Only Begotten Son. He spoke and let us to know that staying in His word shall let us to be a disciple of Him where we shall know the Truth which shall MAKE  us free. 

Being free means we shall no longer being poor in Spirit. Being free means our past where Sins and Iniquity were will no longer be an oppression or bondage over us. 

The Word of Jesus give unto us life where death was. He give unto us Love where hatred was. He clothe us where nakedness was. He feed us where hunger and thirst were. He give unto us togetherness where rejection was. 

So to have TRUTH we must have Jesus Christ the liveth Lord. This is why the Lord let us to know that we are first taught of God to become drawn unto Him. 

God being a Spirit who is Truth when you are taught of Him then you will not reject Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life which you must receive from the Father to be Free. 

Living with Truth comes with afflictions because persons hate the God who gave the commandments. Thou shall not bear false witness.

Living with Truth comes with persecutions because those who rejected Jesus Christ seeing Him as a MAN and not the SON He is. So they allowed covetousness to be their living and lies to be their weakness and nakedness.

Then they declare that they are weak and thou are strong.

Truth must be place within our inward parts. And only becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ who is also Christ can give this. 

You must pick up your cross, denied yourself and follow Jesus Christ to be sanctified as one who has Truth and was set Free by the Son.

In all you do make sure it is truthful because no liar can be with the True God and Jesus Christ who was send.

I came through the gates of hell which is also known as Christianity using the name of Jesus to end my prayers. But I let Truth to take me from it. You can also if you obey the voice of the Son of God when He speak unto you in Righteousness.

Let the Name of Jesus Christ to take you away from Evil so you can live in Freedom being Blessed. 

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Seek Repentance and Remission of Sins in the Name of Christ. Hugs

A testimony written by Prophetess Kerriann Surrina Campbell