Looking for the Lord

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.’  spoken by the Son of man in the word of Jesus – Gospel of the Kingdom 

Growing up in the church you have an expectation to see ‘Jesus’. You are taught the He shall come through the clouds and the writing of Paul who is known as Apostle but in truth is a False Prophet being the false Christ is preached.

It is sold unto us and those who fear men gladly run with it. But in the Gospel of the Kingdom where the Words of Jesus is Spirit and Life the Lord spoke of Himself.

He told us that ONLY His Father knows when He shall return. The Lord even make reference to Noah who was living in the times of men power upon earth. Rebellious people who didn’t believe in God yet the flood came. 

There is nothing wrong or evil to be looking for the Son of God in the Clouds but it is wrong and evil to see Him as a Man the flesh and blood He is not. 

We who hear the Voice of the Son of God have the experience to see the Son of man in the Clouds. We ourselves are brought in the clouds via a dream where we worship in fear because we are experiencing some thing that is Mighty yet very intriguing.

Yes even though it was a dream for me it was at the same time a living vision. Going through the clouds and then I was placed on a black tree having no leaves then reading these words ‘I need you’ was intriguing unto me. 

It let me to ask ‘Who is me that the Lord need me? ‘ I saw myself to be of none importance.

We seek for the Lord to be with us in this world upon this earth because we don’t want to be of the world.

We are burden down by the evil given unto us and when we cannot take it anymore we cry unto God for His Truth and Help.

We who walk in our prayers when it is answered have the opportunity to be drawn unto His Son who is His LOVE and then if we are good we have the experience given unto me the Resurrection of Life belonging unto the GOOD.

A person who is believing in God will not run with the writing of Paul to convince people that the Lord is returning back at certain times.

Especially since the Great deception that was experience in December 1999. When we are told that ‘God is returning in 2000’. Since then the world unleashed the generation of vipers upon those who are willing to entertain them. 

To become a Servant of Jesus Christ the True Christ and who was send by the True God enables one to live in His Glorification where you have Him at all times.

You enter within the Heavens of Heavens and you live His work which enable you to do Greater Work.

Stop following Idol Worshippers. Stop looking for the return of the flesh but instead seek for the Spirit and embrace His Love. 

Use His words and let Life to be you. No man can draw him/her self to Jesus Christ. You must be drawn by the Father and you must make sure you stand in Believe in God to continue this believe in Jesus Christ.

Those who believe in God will forsake EVIL. So you will live with Jesus Christ and His Father having God as your God being His Son.

Looking for the clouds to open and the Son of man or your teaching of the Son of God to return shall be a labour in Vain.

But yet keep in remembrance that the Son of man and His Holy Angels are presently separating and putting out those who doesn’t belong unto His Kingdom.

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Seek Repentance and Remission of sins in the Name of Christ. Hugs