Celebrating Christmas 

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.’ – spoken by the Son of man in the word of Jesus -Gospel of the Kingdom  

The world celebrate lies and deceptions. For many today Christmas is not celebrate by them because they came as an adult and found out the Truth of the Christmas Celebration.

Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of God is the Son of God. He was send by God so that those who are in the world might be saved. 

Jesus Christ was called many names in the teaching of God by the Prophets. Two of the names I loved is Jezreel and Immanuel. 

Jezreel means Obedience and Immanuel means God with us. This is the Christ that is born in us when we are drawn unto Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was never born from woman and His mother is not Mary. Jesus Christ have a Father and a God. He had no mother because the Son of man had no place to lay His head. He must always be working for His Father and His God.

Jesus Christ came into the world but He was never of the world. He never lied and He never deceive. He never lives in pride and He was never proud. 

He teaches TRUTH and Righteousness. He gave sight and the opportunity to be recover from sickness. He let those around Him to know what is needed to be done to receive Life.

The world celebrate their lies at Christmas time. This is the time when many souls becomes entrapped and the laden burdens become greater in darkness.

Christ the Lord Jesus Christ is not from a woman. Neither is He a MAN. He was send as a Son belonging to the Spirit of God which is the Light who is Good and was separate from the darkness.

The Prince of Darkness rules the world and his angels are famous people whose aim is to destroy.

Jesus Christ is the Son of Peace and He is a builder. To have Him you must have Love. You must first show your Love for God by doing His commandments which will teach you about God.

Righteousness exalt a Nation. Righteousness belongs to the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The servants of Jesus Christ receive same through the Gospel of the Kingdom. These all belong to God who is a Spirit.

All live unto God but His spirit gives separation. A separation that let us see His Truth. 

Those who believe in God must stand on TRUTH and Righteousness.

Jesus Christ our Rose of Sharon. Yes He is the Rose amongst the thorns but if you receive Him, the thorns cannot prick or overcome you. 

In the coming year seek for Jesus Christ ask and knock on the door to have Him. He is not a Man and He is not God. 

But in Truth and Righteousness He is the Lord who gives God. When you see God within this Son you know that indeed the Father is the True and Everlasting God. The Saviour who is the God of Israel. He is the only God.

Be glorified O Lord as we say thank you O Most High. There is none who can be compare until you O Lord. You are indeed the Great I Am. My redeemer and saviour. Amen

Let your New Year be Life unto you. 

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Seek Repentance and Remission of sins in the Name of Christ. Hugs