Church Hopping. Is it Worthy? 

The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.’ – Testimony of Jesus Christ – Gospel of the Kingdom 

During my youthful days struggling with the then heavy ladenness that was building within me attending church was my then escape Joy. 

You would find me in the Adventist, Church of God, Open Bible, Revival churches, Apostolic Teaching and I eventually got baptized in the Church of Christ that teaches Christ Jesus as being Jesus Christ.This is the non instrumental branch but my vow was for Jesus. 

Going from churches to churches trying to find the answer I seek. Yet it took my personal crying unto God for His help and doing my second baptism at the age of 33 that let me to understand that I was church hopping following persons who refuse to accept that the Spirit is what they need. 

Yes the church hopping let me to be running from the very ONE I was looking for and needed to be free. 

Within the churches there are SEVEN different types of living. You have Satan Synagogue, you have Jezebel the woman who called herself a Prophetess. 

You also have those who will not accept that the Apostles who came were no Apostles. You have the rich who are dead but is living and you have those who delight in working Witchcraft. 

You also have those who believe in God being Poor in Spirit and needed to know how to have Righteousness so that the Hunger and Thirst they are living will be fill. They are in the want to be feed to want No More. 

Yes in the congregation of the Most High there are Seven different types of living and I only named a few of them because you need to have and know the secrets for your own self.

Church hopping cannot be WORTHY unto you. When you church hop you are running and in your race you are not stern to grasp what the race is all about. 

When you are baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost you don’t need to church hop. 

Instead you stop attending church as a young man until you cry unto God. Then when this prayer is answer you cling to the Son when the Father draws you unto Him in Righteousness.

To be WORTHY you have to go through Hell in the Heaven of Heavens. You have to stand and shine the Light of the Church you belong unto. 

I was and I am the Church of Philadelphia. This church that was given a Crown that No Man can take away. 

This is the Church where the Keys of David is. This was the only church that was told to hold fast to what it has. It is the church that was given an open door before it. 

This is the church that was never told to REPENT and to return back. But instead it was told that it is ye who held on to the Name of the Lord.

Church hopping will take away what is TRULY you. Being in the churches as a Member living by the rules of the owners and not the Believe in God to continue the Believe in the Name of the Only Begotten Son to be taken from the darkness will eventually take away your Light you are ignorant unto.

I remember after I was anoint with the Holy Oil aka Olive Oil by the Bishop upon my forehead. His persecutions from him and his members let me to ran. 

But before I ran I asked the Lord for a sign if I am to return back to the Bishop. My readers when I went to the church I ran unto the Pastor preached calling me a Peter and I had to return back to Bishop church because I know I was not a Peter. 

When I return that night I said ‘I will not leave Valley Christian Ministries because this is my church’.

The Bishop laughed and said ‘With all you have said tonight this is the best part you talk.’

I never left Valley today they are no longer under this Name. I stopped attending a congregation that changes it Name and not itself. 

I choose to cling unto the Name of Christ and Jesus Christ because within Him is a Star, a light, an Angel that say the Father’s Will which makes me to be as Him.

There is no need to church hop when you know you have been church hopping from your Youth. 

You can only become WORTHY when you stand in the Name of the Lord and when you accept that enough is enough and this time you are going to make it a Season unto you. 

A tried Gold must be brought from the Lord. A tried Gold goes through the Fire but in it all this Gold live to see and know that God is Truth and God is Love in Life. 

Today I give thanks unto Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of God because He is indeed the True and Faithful Witness of God. The first begotten of the dead. Yes He is no longer in the grave. I am no longer in the grave of sins.

He carried His Cross in Love, Truth, Peace, Trust, Faithfulness, Integrity, Mercies and Righteousness unto His Father and God. He teaches me to do the same.

Church hopping destroy. Just make sure you do the Baptism of Water according to the instruction of the Word of Jesus. Be bless.

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Seek Repentance and Remission of Sins in the Name of Christ. Hugs