The TRUE Saviour

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.’ – Gospel of the Kingdom 

Many persons will say these words ‘I don’t read the Bible because it is full of confusion.The bible contradicts itself.’

Some will even talk these words ‘the Bible was written by men and King James was an Homosexual so why should I read what he wrote he is a MAN.’

But in Truth the Bible the King James Original Translated Tongues version was given unto us to be taught of God and to have the Lord as a Saviour unto us. 

I understand totally those who see the bible as a Contradiction or even a confusion because there are different people who are giving their own beliefs of who is God and who is a Saviour. 

Some will say that JESUS is a man who is God and Lord. They will say that Jesus Christ is a man who is a Lord and Savior. Some will declare Christ Jesus as a Lord unto them and proudly say that they are followers of Christ being an ambassador in the body of Christ. 

Yes these are the teaching of Men in the Bible. But the teaching that belongs unto God comes from the teaching of the Lord. He Himself told us not to let it to deceive us. 

Now the True Saviour is Christ the Lord this is apart of the Son of man. Yes just as the Father that have various parts to Him in the Spirit the Son is the same. 

For you to have Christ the Lord as your Saviour, He must be born unto you. For Him to be born unto you, you must stay within His teaching to LEARN of Him. 

This is the CHRIST that you shall show take you away from Sins. This all start at the Cross of the Son of man.

It is at the Cross of the Son of man you shall believe that He indeed came from God to give you Salvation. He is who suffered and died so that you can live within His Glory.

You shall be taken from reproaches, shame, infirmities, lies, deceptions and all that is not holiness and righteousness. It is here you started to experience Eternal life and the true living of Salvation.

Disobedience shall be no more for you because the Son of man has found you and place you upon the pedestal to mold you as Silver being Called where you shall also be put through the fire to become Tried Gold being Chosen. 

This is what called the Baptism of Holy Ghost and Fire because you shall have the full experience of the Father and why He doesn’t want His people to live in disobedience unto God. 

Many persons goes to church seeking for Deliverance/Salvation but get caught up in the Confusion and Deception that becomes desolation and destruction unto them. 

If you say ‘I believe in God’ and that you do His commandments howbeit not perfectly but you did have the mercies of God being a Sinner then you shall stand firmly in finding Jesus Christ.

The Word of Jesus says ‘Let not your heart be troubled ye believe in God believe also in me.’

One who believe in God and seeking for Jesus Christ shall encounter persecutions. But once you don’t succumbed to the one accord pressure then you shall hear the Voice of the Son of God to face your Judgment from the Son of man and to have the Saviour. 

Christ is deeper than what those Iniquity Workers came and portrayed him as. 

He is the Saviour that one need to have in Righteousness, Salvation, Redemption, Repentance and Sanctification.

To be Save you must give yourself as a Sacrifice just as the Son of man done on the Cross. 

Solomon told us the importance of having the Lord’s Understanding and following instructions.

Many see the Teaching of Christianity as belonging unto Jesus Christ and it is the way to Heaven.

But the Son of man is the Bread that came from Heaven and the only one who was blood and flesh who return back to Heaven so that those who believe in Him can live right here on Earth in Salvation.

Living Salvation here in the Land of the living is Truth. Miracles are lived by the Miracle working God but YOU must believe in the Son of man. 

I have not found the Bible as confusing and contradictory. But one thing I have found is that if MEN truly have Understanding of the Bible they wouldn’t give it to us. 

This is why they who never complete their walk to receive Salvation came giving Acts-Jude and even write their own bibles in ‘Modern’ English.

This is why the Lord instruct His people upon them hearing His voice to only use the King James Version Original Translated Tongues bible Only. 

The others are conform to the world. 

So friends of Faith Building Ministry keep in Remembrance who God gave to the World as His Love and why it is important for you to stand and live in this LOVE. 

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Seek Repentance and Remission of Sins in the Name of Christ. Hugs