Giving Thanks unto God

I grow believing in God. I held dearly to my heart the commandments ‘honor thy father and mother’ and ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’.

I held dearly unto me the living of Joseph and at age 14 I declared myself as a Joseph.

I know I was not pretty or bright as my elder sister. But I realized that my love for reading let me to be able to be around educated people. 

After graduation and receiving the reward for Student of the year 1993 in Secretarial Studies. I started working and sending myself to school. 

In 1996 my first bout of sickness came upon me at college and it prevent me to complete at this institution.

In 1997 I tried again at another college and same sickness happened again. I told myself that I was not giving up. I still have a third choice. I will try again. 

In 1999 I said unto God ‘I know you can heal me’ then seek employment. But during my employment I refuse to allow hatred to come in my heart. 

So I placed my parents and sisters there. Especially my mother I let her to be my existence. She was everything for me. Just as I seek to be happy I wanted her as well. 

I basically lived for her until her death in 2004. Even though I know that the Father wasn’t there for me and violently do things to me.

I make sure after the death of Mama I was there for him financially. A midst the warning that I should not. I done what was in my heart the commandments of God.

In 2006 I became diagnosed with HIV and this is when I saw what I refuse to accept was TRUTH. I lost my managerial work. I lost the business I invested in after the lost of my job. 

I lost the place I used to live and I found myself being tempted to commit suicide. Everywhere I turned it was closed unto me.

Even what used to work for me became a close door. But one thing I never lost was my believe in God.

In 2008 June I cried unto God and I received employment once again. I left the man who infected me after six years with him in July 2009.

I came back to the family home and I was told I cannot stay here. I return back to church being heavy laden having tears and wanting to know the Truth.

I became baptized in 2010 the month of January. Then I heard the voice of the Son of God received the resurrection of life that is given unto the Good. 

For the past six years being with the Lord thy God I grow to know that for the fourteen years I was in Sins it was the Mercies of God which kept me. 

I live an affliction that should have been death unto me but my believe in God and wanting to know the Truth kept me going.

In September 2010 I was anointed with Olive Oil to be a Prophetess. Where a table was prepared for me and my enemies and haters were exposed.

These past six years I have to place my Trust in the Lord and making sure that I keep His commandments because it is the only way I am able to show I love Him. 

In return He work for me and I saw indeed that He is Jesus Christ the True Christ who gives the Spirit of Jesus.

He work for me and even though I was beaten, lied upon and reproach in the community I could lay down knowing that I was loved. I have found where I want to be.

God was who done this for me. The Father in God draw me to His Son and His great mercies He gives as the Lord of hosts kept me in Righteousness.

For fourteen years those who I love tried everything they know to kill me. For six years the God who I believe in take me from death and gave me Life. 

This world is full of evil, covetousness and hatred two main iniquities that are used to destroy the innocent.

But today I can rejoice in the knowledge that God is living and He is not a man to lie. That I who was suffering is now free from same.

Yes I am in financial need having no way to live. But these six years let me to see that my God who saw to it that I completed Secondary School, gave me jobs and attend college.

He is the Lord who will provide greater for me. I have not changed the God who let me to live in Love and I know He will continue to be there for me.

Never lose your believe in God. Never loses the LOVE you have been showing Him using His commandments.

It takes a prayer to open the door I needed. I am living in Love and in this Love the Father and Son is one. 

May God bless you forever. May the Covenant of remission of sins belonging to the Lord our God Jesus Christ be given unto you.

Never you replace Love with pride and hatred. It is death unto the Soul.

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

This is a personal testimony from Prophetess Kerriann Surrina Campbell. Hugs

Be Glorified O God. You are Truth and is Water to the thirsty soul.